Leadership, Ethics and Social Responsibility
F.C. Barcelona Universitas
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This online course gives you the opportunity to investigate the different theoretical frameworks related to the study of business leadership and social responsibility.

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Course Description

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Barça Universitas, with the support of renowned international expert Michael P. Hoffman, gives you the opportunity to investigate the different theoretical frameworks related to the study of business leadership.

In this course, you will use different theoretical frameworks from leadership studies and the global philanthropic outlook in order to consider corporate social responsibility, how business leaders resolve ethical issues, and the role business professionals play in the process of leading (managing) the organization so that prioritizing the “common good” can be optimized personally and professionally to make a social and market impact.

Michael P. Hoffman is an expert in Philanthropy who has supplied strategic orientation to leading worldwide non-profit organizations, philanthropic organizations, and corporations in areas such as organizational development, fundraising, branding, and corporate social responsibility. 

This program was supervised by the social sciences area of Barça Universitas and developed through a collaboration between the indicated Expert and Universidad Siglo 21. If you have any specific doubts, do not hesitate to contact us via the available channels.

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This fully online, introductory-level course can be completed in English, Spanish, or Portugese.  It is estimated to require 6-8 hours per week.

Course syllabus

Leadership, Ethics and Social Responsibility

MODULE 1: The Philosophical Foundations of Socially Responsible Leadership
MODULE 2: Employees as Co-Entrepreneurs
MODULE 3: Ethical Issues in a 21st Century Global Business Economy
MODULE 4: The Role of the Sports and Entertainment Industry as a Force for Social Good

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