Studying in Italian - Law and Economics: a MOVE-ME Project Course
Università per Stranieri di Siena (UniStraSi)
  • Start Date: 11 Feb, 2019
  • 6 weeks
  • Study Content: Videos

Study Law and Economics in Italian and develop the skills you need when you take part in a European student mobility programme.

Course Fee: Free
Certificate Cost: See Fees and Eligibility

Course Description

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Study Law and Economics in Italian

Each year thousands of students travel across Europe to study in a foreign language like Italian. This can be daunting, even for those who are fluent.

This online course from UniStraSi will help, guiding you through the peculiarities of academic discourse in Italian, and enabling you to understand and produce written and aural academic texts.

This course focuses on Law and Economics. Other courses on Language and Literature and Science and Maths are available.

This course is aimed at university students taking part in academic mobility programmes in Europe and international students attending courses in Italy. A minimum B1 knowledge of Italian is required.

Certificate cost may vary. You will be redirected to the host page for cost and payment options.

Università per Stranieri di Siena (UniStraSi)

Unistrasi (Università per Stranieri di Siena or University for Foreigners of Siena) is a public university involved both in teaching Italian as a foreign language and in scientific research activities concerning the diffusion of the Italian language and culture all over the world.

Unistrasi has widened its range of educational activities and enlarged its student body – from students who attend the Italian language courses to students involved in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and PhD degree programs. Unistrasi is a meeting point where you can encounter languages and cultures from all over the world and learn about different multicultural realities.

The Italian language and culture courses are intended for foreigners, who may also sit the Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language (CILS) exams.

In addition to Italian for foreigners, several languages are offered in degree courses, including English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and Russian. Unistrasi also provides professional qualifications to teachers of Italian as a second and foreign language (DITALS).

Unistrasi received the European Label for Languages eight times between 2004 and 2013. This award recognises the quality of linguistic projects designed by the Unistrasi, which give fresh impetus to language teaching and learning by means of innovative and effective teaching practices, raising awareness of the European cultural and linguistic heritage, and motivating individuals to embrace multilingual experiences throughout their lives.

In 2015 the Language Centre has obtained the accreditation of EAQUALS (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services) – a mark of quality that recognises excellence in language teaching and ensures that teaching and training conforms to the highest international standards.


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