Content Creation

eLearnAfrica’s Content Creation Initiative


eLearnAfrica aims to help African universities put their best courses online.  To aid in this effort, we have selected a series of courses to help administrators and course instructors develop their courses, and have them hosted on eLearnAfrica.  For your convenience, we have placed them in a special Content Creation Course Category.  Make sure to check the selection often, as we are always adding new courses and programs.

Content hosted on eLearnAfrica can include almost any form of digital learning materials, including: ebooks; documents (in text, Word, or pdf formats); PowerPoint presentations; images; and audio and video files.

University administrators that need advice or assistance in developing content should become familiar with the eLearnAfrica Solutions.

eLearnAfrica strongly encourages all universities and other content providers to familiarize themselves with the Partnership Guidelines, which details our Partnership program; and, how to Become a Partner.

Please feel free to direct any question regarding the partnership process at one of the email addresses found on the Become a Partner page.