What We Do

eLearnAfrica: Africa's trusted source for on-line education.

At eLearnAfrica, we believe that access to education is a human right. We know that education is the key to life-long success and satisfaction. 

Our Mission

eLearnAfrica will be the premier resource and launch site for millions of highly educated Africans. We are confident that we will become the premier on-line aggregator of content for eLearning, professional and business development, and recruitment capacity. Our students will build a better future for Africa.

We serve Universities

Course Hosting is available for partners with existing content so that they can take advantage of the eLearnAfrica portal and mobile application to reach millions of students and professionals.  The system can manage any number of courses, in any language.  Courses hosted on eLearnAfrica can be downloaded for off-line study.

Content Digitalisation enables partners to take their existing educational materials and digitalise them, so that they can be used in online learning on the portal.

Course Development support is available for those universities and training organisations that wish to develop and deploy their materials on the eLearnAfrica portal.

Learning Management System development and deployment allows partners at all educational levels to manage their online educational systems, fully integrating classroom learning and distance learning.  Administrators, teachers, and parents can monitor progress to improve the educational outcomes of students.

Website Design is available for some partners that wish to create an intuitive, manageable website that can take advantage of the latest advancement in design, interface, social media integration, and content management.

Website Hosting on our fully monitored and actively maintained servers is available to some clients at highly competitive rates.  We can assist our clients in collecting, understanding, and taking advantage of usage analytics to increase the visibility and effectiveness of their websites.

Maintenance and support contracts can be included in any of our service suites.

eLearning Consulting is available for all partners interested in better understanding, improving and expanding their eLearning offerings for their students, staff, and the general population.  Our consulting services cover all aspects of elearning: basic considerations of online learning; strategy, development, and evaluation processes; content design and development; management and administration tools; market research and optimization, and up-scaling operations.