eLearnAfrica: Solutions for Online Education and Career Development


eLearnAfrica is based on a highly intuitive website and mobile application, which can be implemented on any android device.


The system is highly advantageous for students:

  • The course selection process is simple - Students can browse the entire catalogue, find classes and programs by subject, or use the key term search system
  • Every student has a Student Profile to easily manage their courses
  • A content discovery solution delivers personalized recommendations tailored to each user’s preferences


eLearnAfrica is designed to help educators:

  • The platform includes a management system for educators and administrators
  • eLearnAfrica empowers educators by offering a full array of services, to interact with students across Africa
  • Educators can reach students without the interference of traditional barriers such as distance, admissions limits, lack of internet access or PCs
  • It offers a toolkit for providing the educator control over the content, users, and social media connections


eLearnAfrica produces analysis, which can be shared with Administrators:

  • The system employs a variety of metric-analysis tools
  • eLearnAfrica uses YOUBORA for real-time video analytics. YOUBORA is a leading business intelligence solution that supports eLearnAfrica’s ability to drive experience improvements for the students
  • eLearnAfrica provides the educator with an end-to-end view of their digital content, allowing educators and administrators to make data-driven decisions, ensuring the best and most relevant coursers are made available to students


eLearnAfrica: Africa’s trusted source for on-line educational content:

  • A marketplace of educational opportunities from world-class sources
  • Easy-to-use platform - accessible from mobile devices
  • Appropriate for learners of all stages of post-secondary education (including university, vocational, and language learners)


Courses and full degree programs from trusted sources in dozens of fields:

  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from highly prestigious universities
  • Degree-bearing on-line programs
  • Instructors can provide courses at their convenience
  • Administrators can keep track of course offerings, content, and enrollment


We work with a variety of organizations for on-line professional training and career opportunities:

  • Skill identification system to help organizations identify skilled personel and growth opportunities
  • Over 175 vocational training courses with professional certifications
  • Over a thousand video-based classes for office skills, technical development, and professional training
  • We work with partners to develop custom skill tests and training courses
  • Career Pipeline to connect successful students with companies that are hiring
  • Usage and completion data analysis is available


We work with African universities in eLearnAfrica:

  • eLearnAfrica makes courses available throughout the continent
  • Any language can be supported
  • eLearnAfrica can develop and host content in almost any format (ebooks, documents, PowerPoint, audio files, images, and videos)
  • We can provide data-analysis for universities and vocational trainers on course popularity and user metrics


eLearnAfrica works with Government Agencies to promote online education and workforce development:

  • Provide access to educational resources at a fraction of the traditional cost
  • Customized Learning Management Systems
  • Multiple tiers of administrative oversight
  • Data analysis
  • Scalable workforce development
  • Content development for general education, and industry-specific needs


Please familiarize yourself with our Partnership Guidelines.